In the series A Swedish Classics 2 we follow Rasmus, Tobias, Hannah and Stefan. All four shall participate in the challenge "A Swedish Classic": Vätternrundan, Vansbrosimningen, Lidingöloppet and Vasaloppet - and they have to do all off this in one year

We get to follow the preparation, uploading, exercise and get some advices before the races. It all begins with Vätternrundan where the participants meet each other for the first time. It will be a very demanding competition where all the contestants puts to the test. After Vätternrundan it´s time for Vansbrosimningen and Lidingöloppet. By training hard and difficult challenges, some of the participants has gotten injuries, abrasion damage and this makes the race a real battle, both physically and mentally.

The first season aired on SVT in the autumn off 2013 and had nearly 700,000 viewers per episode. Season 3 aired on Mondays 20:00 on SVT 1.